Two way (2 way) Messaging and SMS Short Code

With the 2 way SMS Service you can communicate with your customers through SMS while also being able to receive their response instantly. This is achieved either by using a short code (4 to 6 digit) number or a GSM number that will be allocated for you.

SMS received from customers will be linked to your account directly which you can view from your online account all in real time!

Uses of two way SMS

  • Run competitions/promotions
  • Provide request based services (rates, loyalty card details, etc)
  • CRM/ERP Integration
  • Extension to your call center
  • Real time directory
  • Remote access to systems and services
  • Subscription based services (News, updates, alerts, etc.)

Setup your short code and run your campaigns within hours using Essentially Precise SMS servers. You can book the short code for one or more months.

We also provide the same numbers for both Etisalat and DU in UAE. Short codes are also available for other Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.

You can make revenue using short codes by charging the customers for sending each SMS.

Long code or GSM Number

With short codes, the customer may hesitate in sending SMS due to the high rates that are implied by many vendors. To avoid this and to provide one number for multiple countries you can use a standard GSM number (Long code) for receiving replies from your customers. You can use your own registered number or Essentially Precise could provide the same for the campaign.

Replies from Long code numbers can also be integrated to your account in real time.

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