About Essentially Precise SMS

Essentially Precise SMS is a division of its parent company, Precise Communications, which is a Digital Marketing and Communications Company. Precise Communications offers an array of services such as, SMS & Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Social Marketing, Mobile Solutions, Multimedia & Creatives, Interactive Reach and Web Development.

At Essentially Precise SMS, we have various tools and products that can suit your requirements and those which can be used from your premise based on your requirement. Starting from Bulk SMS solutions to web & desktop based solutions, we have enormous options for you on the shelf. We can also develop customized solutions for you or for your clients, based on the requirements.

SMS text messaging is the most exciting and cost effective direct marketing and advertising method available to businesses. Using our profiled database you can minimize wastage by focusing on your desired audience. With our sophisticated gateway software, combined with extensive knowledge and experience of SMS capabilities we can help you implement:

  • SMS advertising
  • SMS competitions
  • Premium SMS
  • Interactive use of SMS
  • Product/service branding
  • Promotion of specials and offers
  • Customer loyalty initiatives
  • Ticket sales and delivery
  • Chat engines and lots more!

Desktop and Web SMS:

Essentially Precise provides full campaign management, SMS distribution management or software integration for your proprietary software (ERP and CRM systems) and empowers your team to reach your customers. If you have your own database you can easily use our standalone desktop application!