Global SMS Gateway

Looking for a single platform to integrate all your SMS requirements? Essentially Precise as a bulk SMS gateway provider has developed various products and solutions (API) to send SMS to multiple operators around the world from one single location using the same account. All the queuing and routing can be done on the SMS server level, thus relieving you from the difficult and time consuming task of filtering and processing numbers.

We provide various connectivity options to route SMS through our SMS servers. These include:

  • SMPP
  • Web service (SOAP / WDML)
  • Custom API (DLL)
  • Desktop application
  • Web portal
  • Customized Web portal for your company
  • Excel Plug-ins
  • Customized software development

Our SMS gateway services is highly secured & hence all your data is protected and is available only to you through your secure account.


SMS gateway at your location

In situations where you need the SMS system and data in your location, we will provide you with the complete SMS platform (SMS gateway) that can be integrated to your backend system. We provide customized integration of the SMS gateway to any type of database or system.

  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Microsoft SQL Server database
  • MY SQL Server database
  • Oracle database
  • Intranet
  • Website


Through our network you can send SMS to more than 650 networks around the world. SMS are routed based on priority with the transactional SMS getting the highest priority. Our connectivity to all the GCC countries are directly through the operators or through our partners in the respective countries.